Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Pictures of Isabella Rice on the Set

8 year old Isabella Rice (Young Jerrica) was back on the set of Jem & The Holograms last week and filmed in Santa Monica.  We had a hunch she was there, based on something a crewmember tweeted, but we have confirmation from pictures just added to IMDb.

That means that Young Jerrica has a fairly 
substantial part in the movie.  Based on the pictures from Isabella's IMDb page, she filmed at least 3 days at the locations in Van Nuys, Simi Valley and Santa Monica.

Cool Trash's guess is that flashbacks will be used used for more than a quick introduction to the characters. 

The story is suppose to be a musical treasure hunt with messages left by Jerrica's father.  That could be a much longer hunt for Synergy (more on that topic in a post later this week) then what was in the cartoon.  It's possible that each of the locations is tied to Jerrica's past and there are flashbacks related to them - which could be why Isabella has to be at so many locations.

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