Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stunt Double Confirms Juliette Lewis as Erica

Juliette Lewis' stunt double, Jenn Elizabeth, confirmed on Twitter that Juliette's character indeed is named Erica:

While many have speculated that Juliette is playing "Erica Raymond",  this isn't exactly confirmation about her character's last name since Jennifer only tweeted that the character name was "Erica" and not "Erica Raymond". 

The picture of Juliette with E! News' Jason Kennedy has the name "Astral Recording" behind her, and it seems like from her attire that she's playing a record executive type character like Eric Raymond.  Could her last name be something else, like Gabor or Benton? With Jerrica and Kimber being minors, then they could have an "evil" relative controlling their inheritance (which might explain why there is a Jerrica and Erica if they were related)  Or Erica could be completely unrelated to any existing Jem character.

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