Friday, May 23, 2014

More of Molly Ringwald On Set

Molly tweeted a picture from the set yesterday with Aubrey Peeples, but it looks like it was taken back in April.  It's very clearly taken at the yellow house they filmed at on Peach Street in Van Nuys CA that we posted about on April 24.

Molly refers to her outfit as "vintage" Todd Thomas NYC and that could be for a reason.  Aubrey is wearing the same clothing as she wore in a picture with the actress playing Young Jerrica, Isabella Rice:

From Google Street View, you can tell another picture of Isabella with Stefanie Scott was taken at 6648 Peach St (the yellow house), so Isabella filmed there.

So, it looks like Molly filmed a flashback scene with young Jerrica.  Considering all the emphasis on Jerrica being an orphan and that flashbacks will be when she was around 8, it's possible that Jerrica and Kimber's backstory could be changed.  Rather than their mother dying when Jerrica is around 12, leaving their father to run a foster home by himself until his death 8+ years later which precipitates Jerrica becoming Jem, perhaps both of their parents die when Jerrica is 8 and she and Kimber go to live at Starlight House which is run by Molly Ringwald's character?

A photo from the wardrobe department from April 29th shows a label with the character name "Aunt Bailey", which has led to speculation that Molly is playing Jerrica and Kimber's aunt.  Her character could be a sort of hybrid between Mrs Bailey and Jacqui Benton.  With Jerrica and the Holograms all under the age of 18, they would need to have a parent/guardian involved and aren't old enough to run a foster home, and that would be Mrs (or Aunt) Bailey.

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