Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Synergy Conundrum

A lot of speculation and articles have been going around about whether Synergy will or won't be in in the Jem & The Holograms movie.

For the record, Cool Trash has never said that Synergy won't be in the movie.  Our guess is that some form of something similar to Synergy may appear - probably at the very end.

In the initial Hollywood Reporter article about the film, the plot includes "(Jerrica) and her sisters embark on a music-driven scavenger hunt -- one that sends them on an adventure across Los Angeles in an attempt to unlock a final message left by her father".  Hollywood Reporter cites the producers as the source of this plot info.

Many have concluded that the "final message" is related to Synergy.  But it's not much of a plot of a movie if it's resolved in the first 10 minutes, so much of the movie (perhaps nearly all of it) wouldn't involve Synergy if she's what they are searching for. 

Several extras from the filming on May 14/15th have come forward with tidbits of information.  Roxy Tart posted a podcast where she talked about her experiences as an extra and said that what was being filmed was the big finale concert which was the final scene.  Wondermann5 tweeted that there were "No Jem Star earrings".

If it is the final scene, then that would eliminate finding the Jem starearrings in the last act before the finale concert.  There could be an epilogue or scene following the concert or possibly after the credits. However, lack of the Jem star earrings do not necessarily mean that Synergy hasn't been found by that point in the movie.  It could simply suggest that there aren't Jem star earring and Synergy uses other means to transmit holograms.

They could have found the final message from Emmett (or whatever his name is in the movie) and it doesn't include the earrings. Or it the message has absolutely nothing to do with Synergy. 

From just the typical formula used for movie (and nearly all movies are formula driven), finding the message  before the big finale concert would fit - especially for a music focused movie like this. 

Actor Jeffrey King, who claims to have worked on Jem, posted on Instagram "I worked on it... It's not like the cartoon at all. They went more normal with it."

Pretty much what it seems like the Jem movie doing is using the name of characters from the cartoon as elements of the movie - like using "Astral" and "Mrs Bailey".   So, our guess is there will be something called Synergy but may not be anything like what Synergy is in the cartoon.  

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