Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jem Filming on Location in Van Nuys

Jem & The Holograms are officially Valley Girls!  Filming for Jem kicked off in the San Fernando Valley on Monday.  OLV had the scoop that they were on location on Peach Avenue in Van Nuys with signs that said "Astral" (maybe using a Jem character as a codename for the Jem production isn't the best idea guys).

Jem fan Mike posted on a Jem message board that he drove by to see if they were still there and as of last night, it looks like they are still filming at several houses on the street.

The first house is 6619 Peach Ave

The second house is 6648 Peach Ave:

One of these houses could Starlight House. Based on the casting call information Rio (called Ryan) is possibly a neighbor of the Bentons and it sounds like storyline is sort of Truly Outrageous meets Out of the Past, so he could live across the street from Starlight House. But neither of these houses looks big enough to be home to 12 foster girls plus Jerrica and the Holograms.

The VFX supervisor posted a picture of himself on the VFX Legion Facebook page that looks like he's at 6619 Peach.  The question we have is why do they need a VFX supervisor on set?  It's not Star Wars.

We know Zipper is in the film and he has already filmed scenes.  In the cartoon, Zipper burns down the original Starlight House. If that happens in the movie, then VFX are going to have to play a major role in showing that happen.

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