Monday, April 14, 2014

Possible Jem & The Hologram Casting Call Information

Is Jem the Movie being secretly cast under the name #Famous?  Casting call websites list information for a #Famous that is eerily similar to Jem.  These match characters everyone is familiar from the Jem cartoon but key details like NAMES and possible ETHNICITY have been changed.

Casting for #Famous began in February and the casting director for #Famous is Terri Taylor - who is the casting director for Jem and the Holograms according to Backstage and casts many of  Blumhouse's films.

These are the roles that are being cast for #Famous:

Role: Angie - Female, any ethnicity, 16-17 years old. A tomboy kind of girl, technology guru. She rocks the bass guitar and loves to remix songs

Role: Shana - Female, any ethnicity, 16-17 years old. A sassy fashionista with a knack for playing drums. She's a foster child, but has impenetrable ties ...

Role: Ryan - Male, any ethnicity, 18 years old. Handsome and square-jawed, he keeps an eye on the girls as per his father's request.

Role: Kim - Female, any ethnicity, 14-15 years old. She's the baby of the family, but far more studious and precocious than her sisters. She's tenacious...

The casting calls are archived on on February 27, 2014 and March 21, 2014.

 Whether the names will remained changed or if it is to throw us off the trail from realizing #Famous is Jem remains to be seen.  If these really are Aja, Shana and Rio then "any ethnicity" means they are not looking to keep the same ethnicity from the cartoon and original dolls.  It also means that the characters will be de-aged to high school aged students - but this doesn't include whether they are casting actual teens or 20-somethings that play teens.

Casting for the film started well before the publicized crowdsourcing announcement from Jon Chu asking for fans to audition.  Why wasn't this information given to fans auditioning?

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